Thursday, 26 July 2012

Poor Henry

I think our old henry vacuum cleaner is near the end of his life.. I was using him to hoover up some bulldog hairs in the living room not so long ago and I would have had more joy with one of those awful pubic restroom hand driers..

Even his smiley face is looking a little faded, the eyes don't sparkle the way they used to.  He's had a good run and served me well but for some reason I feel guilty every time I look at one of those glitzy dyson products with their super ultra sucking power typhoon technology and imagine that using one would almost make cleaning up fun.

I guess it's the smile, they've humanised the innate object so I view him more like an old friend, loyal and trust worthy but time has ravaged his body and usefulness.. I can't betray him for some young model.  Very clever by the makers of Henry vacuum cleaners..

Does anyone else have some strange loyalty to products for some reason or another? Or am I just weird?

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