Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Why do I never learn?

I get that familiar itch burning across my eyeball.  I try to stay strong, my brain tells my hand to beware! Stay away! There is nothing good happening here!  My brain has given direct, high priority orders to my hands NOT to go anywhere near that itchy eye ball.

Eye doesn't care..

Eye doesn't want to listen to the wise things that brain has told hand.

Eye doesn't give a damn that brain is still scarred with the painful memories of actions past.

Eye just wants to be rubbed, and he knows it'll feel damn good.

So he goes on and on, he itches without relent and pleads to those with the power to ease his suffering.  "What kind of human being can ignore the pleads of those in need if they have the power to help?" I ask myself.  So I feel ashamed that I ignored the cries, and I rub eyeball.  And it feels awesome, and everyone is content and happy, the world is a wonderful place when hand is rubbing eye.  Brain reminds everyone that this can't last.

I feel the familiar sensation.. like something is now caught in my eye.

And there is.. but its not just the dirt and grime I've just mooshed into my delicate cornea.. or the exploding capillaries now clouding my eye with a disturbing red hue.

It's the tear caught in there that hurts the most.. he swells and finally breaks free of his hellish eye prison.  It tumbles down my cheek leaving a stinging streak of regret and my brain whispers "Eye told you so."

His bad pun is part of my punishment also.

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