Thursday, 16 August 2012

I love the cavehill

Hope you enjoy the lovely view above. Taken from the window of my parent's loft conversion last winter. This is the Cavehill in Belfast. She peaks at almost 370m above sea level. The hill is well known for the the outline of a head that can be seen pretty well in the photo. "Napoleon's nose" as it is called is just off centre - with the forehead to the left and chin to the right, I think it's pretty cool.

I've enjoyed running over the hill since I was a young boy. I feel pretty lucky to have a place like this so close to hand. I've found it to be a safe haven for me during times of stress and uncertainty, particularly during my degree in architecture it was often enjoyable to run to the hill to clear my head and lungs of the glue and ink fumes I had been producing making some model or drawing...

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