Friday, 31 August 2012

Fresh cut grass!

So I was out walking earlier in the last of our summer sunshine. The delightful scent of freshly mown grass fills my nostrils and I sigh contently with satisfaction. I love that smell a lot despite the imminent hayfever induced sadness that follows later..

But then I had a worrying thought. I learned some time ago that the 'fresh grass smell' is actually some chemical compound the grass releases when it is in distress.. The scent apparently alerts nearby animals or something to come and help them. I love the idea of forest creatures coming to the aid of the grass and being a hero but I think we know that the animal would just eat the grass anyway.

Anywho I realised that despite knowing this fact about the dying grass bleeding out a distress scent.. I still enjoy it. Does that mean I am a psychopath or does it just mean that the smell of cut grass is so tantalising that it doesn't matter that it's the fragrance of plant genocide? If dead people smelt like cut grass would I start to justify the occasional homicide in my head? I don't want to know.
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