Sunday, 19 August 2012

Graphic Design

So I've been thinking about making my professional skill set as versatile as possible. This has ranged from teaching myself html coding to educating myself in the field of graphic design. I've always been interested in it, and I feel there is an overlap with the design and presentation process I used during the 6 years of architecture under my belt. Is it worth going for an official qualification though? My instinct and already sizeable debt say "no!"

I could honestly say that the huge majority of what I know about architecture can be learnt from books and from actual professional work placements. Unfortunately you need the university time before an office will agree to take you for placement. I find the whole system tragically skewed in that respect. I wish we lived in older times when you could begin work as an apprentice and work under a master architect to learn what you needed.. but this rant is in danger of becoming a whole blog post in itself.

My point being that I feel I can learn a lot about graphic design from books and from actually using the skills needed of such a designer. I'm currently seeking out any and all opportunities to hone my design skill and my taste and judgement regarding contemporary tastes. I find it a lot of fun.. and hopefully there will be more opportunities to design in the graphic sense than there are in the physical buildings sense considering the comparative current success of industries that require such designers.. thank you internet!

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