Monday, 13 August 2012

It could be worse..

So as my job search in the architecture field continues to bear no fruit I'm finding ways to dodge demoralisation. One such tactic I have employed is to be thankful I'm not stuck in a really crap job (this observation is the motivation for today's comic shown above.) that I hate.. I know a lot of people who work in environments they don't enjoy.. because they have to.

It's always been my fear that I would wind up being 'forced' into an occupation I don't like simply because I need the money.  I've never been hugely motivated by pure financial gain.  The big deal for me was always to be doing something I enjoyed.  I know it sounds cliché to say such a thing... and I have serious issue with that. The definition of a cliché in this context is that the phrase (however wise it may be) has become so over repeated that it has lost its original meaning and effect on people. I don't understand how this has happened.. this cannot be repeated enough! I do not want to spend the prime years of my life toiling in something my heart isn't in.

If it's within my power at all to carve out a career path that is self driven and independent I would be very happy. My ambition is to work as a freelance agent - designing beautiful images and writing entertaining and educational pieces of work that add value to a person's understanding and happiness.

The idea of a standard office job makes me sad, I've tried it for a year with wonderful people during my work experience and it was fine.. but I do not want it to be my life.  I want my work to bring about a personal connection with people around the world, be it through architectural design or a beautiful poem.

So yeah that vision has always been my motivation throughout the architecture degree and masters. Six years ago I don't think I'd ever had to spell the word recession! But my peers and I all learned about it rapidly, and soon enough my vision of the young solo architect faded into the dark shroud of an uncertain economic future..  I'm of course realistic but I do not want to become overly pessimistic! If the world is trying hard to defeat your ambitions why should you lend it a helping hand in bringing you down? Screw that.

Follow your ambitions people... cling to them and fight for them because nobody else will!

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