Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Shoe polish!

Word play is fun.. Apologies to anyone who can read Polish - the text is lifted straight from the first google hit for "how do you say 'how are you' in Polish" so I cannot vouch for complete authenticity!

I wish my brain could understand and speak many languages.. it would open a lot of doors! There was a sweet architecture post I saw not long ago on the R.I.B.A website looking to employ a young architectural assistant for quite a bit of money. I was all "about friggin time here we go CV time!" It was then I read that the applicant was required to be fluent in Japanese. I did consider for quite a while that maybe I could bluff some Japanese jargon on my CV and work samples.. you know just to see how far I could take the dirty lie before my inability to learn it caught up with me.

Thankfully honest Scott broke through and stopped the multi shenanigans before they spiralled out of control.. so I left the application alone and retreated into my tower of solitude.. secretly cursing all those who took the time to learn another language just to put me out of a potential job.

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